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Eternity Batteries

If you are looking for classic lead-acid batteries, the obvious choice is low-maintenance Flooded Bloc batteries in the F04, F06 and F08 ranges for light to heavy cyclic applications. The maintenance-free Gel Bloc Batteries in the G04 and G05 ranges are tailored to universal cyclic applications including applications in the solar sector. Maintenance-free AGM Bloc Batteries in the A03, A04 and A05 ranges are suitable for cyclic applications.

We also offer lithium bloc batteries featuring LiFePO4 technology which are tailored to your application, including a battery monitoring system and charging technology.

We can help you to plan the right battery for your individual application.

Crown Batteries

Crown consistently deliver best-available performance, reliability and return on investment. Combine these features with Crown Battery’s total commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction and you’ve got a battery that’s going to last longer and perform like no other.

US Batteries

u-s-battery-logoUS Batteries are recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries specialising in golf, sweeper/scrubber, aerial lifts and marine applications. US Batteries are hand built and the use of very thick grids and plates ensures optimum amp hour capacity and long life cycle.

Sonnenschein Batteries

sonnenshein-batteries-logoThe batteries in the Sonnenschein dryfit range are compact, versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Dryfit technology consists of closed-system batteries in which the electrolyte is fixed in a gel. This means that no maintenance whatsoever is required throughout the entire service life of the battery. The special advantage of the Sonnenschein dryfit battery lies in the batteries’ suitability for extreme operating conditions and the highest demands on reliability.

Sonnenschein Batteries Benefits;-

T.C.E. Industrial Battery Chargers

tce-chargers-logoT.C.E. was one of the first companies to introduce into the market chargers with selenium current for traction batteries. The pluriannual experience supported by a constant research to optimise through their chargers, the life and performances of the batteries, allowed to gain high quality and reliability over time. In particular, the constant cooperation between the major fork trucks dealerships on the national and international market, allowed a constant evolution of TCE chargers. The improvement of TCE products also pass through the study of the combination of battery/charger in order to optimise the performance of both to ensure a high quality standard. All this makes possible an optimal charging method of the battery, designed to achieve a high energy efficiency and increase the longevity of the battery.

In 2012, TCE developed the Evolution model of the battery charger. Born from the will to create an innovative and revolutionary product to introduce into the chargers market and to provide to the customers something new and with a unique look.

In 2013, the turning point of the interaction between man and machine with the use of the brand new control card developed by T.C.E. This new project included a large graphic TFT colour display of 2.8 inches with touch buttons.

T.C.E. always offers the best technology for the everyday use of their battery charger products.

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