Safe Contractor Approved
ADN Nº: IP0604

We are slowly but steadily replacing our Standard “taper” Chargers with the newer “high frequency” type chargers. Why I hear you ask? Its all down to the charge curve/profile. Standard battery chargers tend to use a “taper” charge curve. In simple terms, as the battery voltage rises the amperage being produced by the charger falls (tapers) This means that we have to use a far larger output charger than is necessary when compared to the “constant current” charge curve/profile used with High Frequency battery chargers. A “constant current” charger holds the amperage output steadily as the battery voltage rises, so we can use a smaller output charger to charge the same size, or in fact bigger capacity battery. The benefit of this is – less current demand from the mains supply, smaller breakers/fuses are required meaning that you are far less likely to need to get your electrician to alter your mains supply wiring to accommodate, doing so can be a costly exercise.

LED water level indicator and Raspberry Pie light sensor with will email when the water level is low.

48v 700ah complete in new battery tray at Hanna-Food-Group