Safe Contractor Approved
ADN Nº: IP0604

We use T.C.E. Industrial battery charges, over the years we have been in business supplying literally thousands of forklift battery chargers for a range of uses we have found T.C.E. to be the best choice for our varied customer base.  T.C.E. was one of the first companies to introduce into the market chargers with selenium current for traction batteries. The constant research to optimise  their chargers, has gained high quality and reliability over time. In particular, the constant cooperation between the major fork truck dealers on the national and international market has allowed a constant evolution of TCE chargers.

The improvement of TCE products through the study of the combination of battery/charger, in order to optimise the performance of both, ensures a high quality standard. All this makes possible an optimal charging method of the battery, designed to achieve a high energy efficiency and increase the longevity of the battery.

TCE developed the Evolution model of the battery charger. Born from the will to create an innovative and revolutionary product to introduce into the chargers market and to provide to the customers something new and with a unique look with the use of the brand new control card developed by T.C.E. This new project included a large graphic TFT colour display of 2.8 inches with touch buttons.

T.C.E. always offers the best technology for the everyday use of their battery charger products.

All TCE products are “green” because our control cards in fact customize the charging cycle based on the battery features, reducing energy consumption and increasing the environment preservation.

Safety is always the first priority, TCE products offer many safety controls over the charging cycle to guarantee to the customer a safe overnight charge.

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