Safe Contractor Approved
ADN Nº: IP0604

Standard battery chargers v’s High Frequency battery chargers


Grid tie, 24v 3000ah with Aquapro watering system,LED water level indicator and Raspberry Pie light sensor with will email when the water level is low.


24 7pzb525 fitted at Moore and Buckle


24 Eternity Technologies 3pzs465 ET fitted at Synergy-Health


24 new Eternity 4pzs500 fitted to a VNA truck at Prestigious Textiles


24 New-Eternity 8pzb440 battery cells fitted at Loxley Arts Sheffield


24 New Eternity Technologies 9pzs495 fitted at Roach Bridge Tissues


24x 4pzs500 at Porvair Wrexham Industrial Estate


24x 5pzs625 fitted at BNFL Springfield


40 cell 5pzs 775 fitted to a Fantuzzi electric side loader.


48v 700ah complete in new battery tray at Hanna Food Group


George Formby Tram during repairs at Blackpool Transport


Our Work – Doris FPD Burnley


Drake Extrusions Bradford supply and fit 24x new Eternity Technologies 4pzs460 battery-cells


Eternity Technologies 80v 775ah battery pack fitted at Inner Workings Ltd Birmingham.


Linde E14 Caltherm Stoke-on-Trent.


Narrow Aisle Flexi battery replacement 24x new Eternity


System Hygiene early 90s BT-PPT resurrected and ready for work


The neatest off-grid battery install


Top-secret battery mission at the Ministry of Defence


96 of our cells fitted in Ghana by Serrano Del Solar