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Forget Lithium, the all new ORC is here!

Exciting times are upon us! the new ORC range of battery cells are here.

What is ORC you may say? ORC is our flooded lead acid answer to the horrendously expensive lithium forklift power pack.

Firstly lets quickly think about the advantages of using lithium over standard lead acid in materials handling applications?

1, The ability to opportunity charge (place the truck on charge whenever you get chance)

2, Fast charge

3, Alleged long service life

So lets look at these advantages in further detail –

1, “The ability to opportunity charge (place the truck on charge whenever you get chance) ”

For many years this has been a major problem for flooded lead acid (FLA) when used in very busy, round the clock applications. When placed on charge on regular intervals throughout the day FLA batteries become very hot and this is the number one cause of premature failure and refusal of warranty. However it is not strictly true that we can place our lithium battery on charge whenever it suits, in fact a strict charge regime must be adhered to. This regime differs dependent on manufacturer but not sticking to this regime is going to be the number one reason for refusing warranty and explaining why your lithium battery has not lasted for the zillion cycles as originally claimed.

Advantage 2, Fast charge – Yes a lithium battery does have the ability to be fast charged.

Advantage 3, Far to early to tell if these bold cycle life expectancy claims are true, however it has become common knowledge that there have been cases of lithium battery packs have been failing  prematurely, and this premature failure has been blamed on poor charge regimes. Not too far back in time when lithium batteries had just started to be used with forklifts they were being sold as the battery that you could treated in any way you see fit and it would still last forever. Now we are being made aware of the truth, what we in fact have is a battery that need strict charge regime, and be aware – every single time your lithium battery is placed on charge one cycle is taken out of the cycle life expectancy of your battery and also a cycle out of your warranty period.

The all new ORC Flooded Lead Acid battery –

The Orc FLA battery is a game changer With a tweak to try and tested technology we now have a flooded lead acid battery cell which can be Opportunity Charged with a Faster Charge all without affecting your warranty, and with no specified charge regime! So we have not only matched lithium we have surpassed the usability. This new advancement negates all necessity to go lithium, and all at a fraction of the price.

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