Safe Contractor Approved
ADN Nº: IP0604

Our new 48v 60a High Frequency forklift battery charger

We are proud to unveil our new 48v 60a High Frequency forklift battery charger. A problem often faced by our clients is the wrong power supply to power the charger supplied with their forklift truck. Its often the case that 3ph or high power demand 1ph chargers are supplied which many premises can not accomodate, this is where our new charger can help.

Our PBQE 48v 60a battery charger is a “high frequency” charger, as such this charger used the “constant current ” IUIa charge profile. This charge profile sustains the maximum supply current for far longer that a standard charger would, resulting in a higher total power output. So in simple terms, a smaller output charger can be used to charger your battery and a smaller output charger demands less power from your grid supply. We have also extended the maximum charger time period from 12 hours to 15 hours so clients can leave the smaller charger connected to their battery for longer and get more juice into it!

This charger only requires a minimum 16a AC 240vac power supply and has the ability to charger a 750ah c5 battery which is unique indeed. And as a added bones this charger is water resistant to IP66, bump proof and dust proof. A tough little charger built to last in a tough environment,