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Regenerate Your Old Forklift Battery with a ‘LIFE’ Charger from PB Battery Solutions

The new LIFE System is an innovative regeneration system for old batteries that increases and optimizes the battery lifespan and performances.
With new batteries, it delays the natural aging prolonging the lifespan up to 40% more.

The results of this system are visibile after the first 4-5 charging cycles (1 week time if the charger is used overnight for 5 working days). After these, the battery will have the first capacity increase and performance optimisation.

The main features of this system are:

What is the difference between a normal charger and a LIFE Charger?

Normal – The charger performs the traditional charging curve Wa respecting the parameters of the battery. It cannot stop or delay the natural aging and decaying of the battery with a traditional charging curve and cannot optimize at its fullest the battery capacity and performances.

LIFE System – The charger performs a special charging cycle able to delay the natural aging of the battery. Its life will be extended and its performances kept in an optimal state after many years of use and charging cycles. Allows fast charges and reduces the consumption of water because it keeps the battery cooler compared to a normal charger.

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