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Product Description

This intelligent Wi-Fi remote monitoring kit uses Wi-Fi connectivity to enable advanced remote monitoring of an Iconica hybrid inverter from any location in the world.

The Wi-Fi card collects data from the Iconica inverter and transmits it to the user using the preferred method from the following two options:

1) Short-distance mode: By creating a Wi-Fi network which the user can access from a nearby location (within approx 10-50m radius depending on obstructions) on a mobile device

2) Long-distance mode: By connecting to an existing broadband network, where inverter data is transmitted to an online server, enabling the user to view data from any location via an internet browser.

In case of long distance monitoring the data is accessed by logging into an online portal, DataCenter, which features an extensive range of options for monitoring system data. This Wi-Fi kit also has the ability to send email notifications to one or multiple email addresses, alerting the user of alarm events or system reminders.

Kit includes:

  • Wi-Fi card and unit (with antenna)
  • DB9 to RJ45 cable for connection to the Iconica inverter


Additionally required:

  • Broadband network (only if long-distance remote monitoring is preferred)
  • 12V power supply (mains to 12V DC power adapter) with some inverters


This kit is compatible with Iconica hybrid inverters. All of our Iconica hybrid inverters can power this Wi-Fi remote monitoring kit directly using the RJ45 cable (included with this kit), except for the Iconica 5500W grid-tie inverter which will require a mains to 12Vdc/1A power adapter with a 5.5/2.5mm (5.5mm outside diameter, 2.5mm inside diameter) DC power jack; this will need to be sourced separately in order to enable operation of this Wi-Fi kit with the grid-tie inverter.

Online data portal:

This Wi-Fi kit intelligently communicates with an Iconica inverter to transmit data to the online portal, DataCenter. After creating a username and password, the user will be able to login from a mobile phone / tablet / PC to remotely view system information. Options for remote monitoring include:

– Live in-depth data monitoring: View up-to-date system information (refreshed every 5 minutes) including: PV input voltage, battery voltage, charging current, grid voltage, grid output voltage, AC output power, output load percentage, total AC output (in VA or as a percentage value), nominal rated input voltage / output voltage and frequency / battery voltage

– Detailed datalogs: Historical system data and alarm history is recorded and stored indefinitely. It is available to view for any given date range over the inverter’s lifespan. The specific time and dates of each recorded value / alarm event are also displayed.

– 3D infographics and diagrams: A system status diagram illustrates all connected system components (solar panel, load, battery. For certain Iconica models, bar charts display total generated power (hourly, daily, monthly or annual data).

– Regional monitoring: Option to group together and monitor multiple Iconica inverters based on location, allowing the user to view combined data for inverters in a particular region, such as: PV input power, grid voltage and battery capacity percentage. (One Wi-Fi kit required per inverter).

– Multiple user access: Option for the administrator to create and manage several accounts for other authorised users to access the online portal and view /program settings for the assigned inverter. Additional users can also receive email status updates.

Email notifications:

The user can choose to be notified via email when any system faults or warnings are detected.


This Wi-Fi remote monitoring kit is designed for use with Iconica off-grid hybrid inverters and Iconica grid-tie hybrid inverters. It is not suitable for use with any other inverter.



  • Compatible with Iconica off-grid hybrid inverters & Iconica grid-tie hybrid inverters
  • Rated voltage : 12V (additional mains power adapter required with some inverters)
  • DB9 to RJ45 communication cable: 1.5m
  • Wi-Fi box dimensions (excluding mounting brackets): 120 x 61 x 34 mm
  • 2 x Mounting brackets dimensions: 31 x 12 mm (each with 8mm diameter hole)
  • Antenna length: 115mm
  • Wi-Fi box weight (including the card and antenna): 335g


This product is covered by a 1 year warranty